thank you for supporting small business!
thank you for supporting small business!
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Adam + Steve's Lifestyle

Adam + I love to explore New England and support small, local businesses.
We've decided to take it one step further and make our handpicked finds accessible to you :)
Our shop is a convenient way to support small businesses who need it most, including:
local antique shops, garden nurseries, & boutiques.

Decor / Home

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Questions? Does shipping seem too expensive? Wondering when something will be back in stock? Reach out by tapping the bubble in the bottom-right corner of your screen :)

Chic / Minimal / Modern Planters

No Fancy Packaging Here!

we try to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as we can,
so you won't find any hand-written notes or excess packaging with your order.

Bohemian / Rustic Planters

Get it While it's Hot

to keep inventory fresh and manageable, we usually only buy 2 of each find.
it's best to buy it before it's gone forever!

Cement / Clay / Terracotta Planters

Think of Us as Your Personal Shoppers

let us do the hard part, you take all the credit.